About  #WE


the nation's LARGEST empowerment campaign


#WE is the acronym for all the 3000 women empowerment groups nationally, but specifically, is the officially trademarked Women Empowerment Movement. #WE is dedicated to becoming the TV/media known brand in every household as the empowerment cause. In 2020, #WE expanded itself from just women empowerment to include ALL empowerment causes,
#WE is the nation's largest empowerment campaign.
In 2020, #WE produced the first EVER empowerment TV specials and are expanding those broadcasts in 2021 to over 164 networks, while creating more.
In 2021, #WE created WePPV.com to produce empowering concerts via PPV and launched with the #GoodTimesPPV TV Tribute on Jan. 31, the first of more " GoodTimes" TV Specials to come. 
In March, 2021, #WE News, the FIRST EVER all empowerment news cast is launching broadcasting nationally with news anchors Jenee Starr, and Shradha Sharma, over many networks. This 30 minute telecast will cover ALL empowerment news globally from #BLM, to #MeToo, to #TimesUp, to all causes throughout the world.
Vicki Abreu, a paralegal in Miami, is the #WE Global Executive Director.
#WE has launched its own production company, New Hollywood Studio, and is devoted to expanding ambitiously as fast as it can. #WE is the leader in virtual programming on the scene currently and intends to remain as so.
#WE was created as a concert tour / live events entity and one day plans to develop its presence there in actual concert events, when the COVID virus dissipates. Currently, #WE is producing every level of virtual programming it can to inform, inspire and empower. 


Currently, #We is  devoting all of its' focus to producing an event called, #Sheroes, the largest female tribute. This TV spectaular has a 3-pronged promotion including 1.) an 8 hour TV extravaganza broadcast; 2.) an episodic TV series and docu- series; and 3.) a series of huge national LIVE superstar concerts. #Sheroes is a celebrity tribute to the real unsung female heroes of our c day who do not normally get recognition and honor; from our COVID nurses and medical personnel, to single moms, to cancer survivors , to female military , firefighters, teachers or just your " #Sheroes",( female heroes) , next door.