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About  #WE

the nation's LARGEST empowerment campaign


#WE is the acronym for all the 3000 women empowerment groups nationally, but specifically, is the officially trademarked Women Empowerment Movement.

#WE is dedicated to becoming the TV /media known brand in every household as the empowerment cause. In 2020, #WE expanded itself from just women empowerment to include ALL empowerment causes,
#WE is the nation's largest empowerment campaign.
In 2020, #WE produced the first EVER empowerment TV specials and are expanding those broadcasts in 2021 to over 164 networks, while creating more.

#WE has the following inclusive domains;




In 2021, #WE created to produce empowering concerts via PPV and launched with the #GoodTimesPPV TV Tribute on Jan. 31, the first of more " GoodTimes" TV Specials to come. 
#WE has launched its own production company, New Hollywood Studio, and is devoted to expanding ambitiously as fast as it can. #WE is the leader in virtual programming on the scene currently and intends to remain as so.
#WE was created as a concert tour / live events entity and one day plans to develop its presence there in actual concert events, when the COVID virus dissipates. Currently, #WE is producing every level of virtual programming it can to inform, inspire and empower. 

Currently, #WE is  devoting  its' focus to producing an event called, #Sheroes, the largest female tribute. This TV spectacular has a 3-pronged promotion including 1.) an 8 hour TV extravaganza broadcast; 2.) an episodic TV series and docu-series; and 3.) a series of huge national LIVE superstar concerts.

#Sheroes is a celebrity tribute to the real unsung female heroes of our  day who do not normally get recognition and honor; from our COVID nurses and medical personnel, to single moms, to cancer survivors , to female military , firefighters, teachers or just your " #Sheroes",

( female heroes) , next door.

#WE is also launching the #AsianLove movement, the largest pro-Asian #AsianEmpowerment movement for #AsianRepresentation. #AsianLove is being launched in a monthly citywide rally monthly across America beginning May 28 in Las Vegas at the FilAm.TV Studio

On April 29-30, the national pilots for #AsianLove, WE Are The World-Las Vegas, and #Sheroes, will be filmed at the FilAm.TV Studio in Las Vegas.







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