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#AsianLove Joins #WeR1 Rally at Toyota Arena/ PROMOS on March 5

#AsianLove kicks off its inaugural tour on March 11 at the Aratani but is joining in a huge diversity day and #WE / #AsianLove are HOSTING the day of diversity community as a PROMO of #ASianLove.

Our renowned co-creator of #AsianLove, Lissa Chow, of Chow Entertainment is the leader and promoter who made this day happen for us! So we ALL want to rally and get as many people as #WE can to rally behind this day and show the press, the world and L.A that #WeR1.

This is the day to get ALL peoples and ALL cultures together and a perfect oportunity to get everyone to rally behind the #AsianEmpowerment cause!

We will be planning halftime entertainment, and a 2 hour concert afterwards plus offering 60 dinner tables courtside for the basketball game!

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