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Cecily Inks #WE Development Deal

The emerging pop artist, Cecily, has inked a multi-year development deal with #WE founder , Lowell Beasley, as mgmt./ promoter , in a deal that puts Cecily as the first officially signed artist of the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign.

" In the last few years, among thousands of artists, Cecily is one of the hottest, most commercial artists I have heard! #WE are really excited about her music. She seems to possess the Taylor Swift kind of magic in her genius for polished commercial hooks, themes and layers. She is in the studio and has been there for months but her music she has coming out of there is just genius commercially. She is very commercial, and has a wide variety of cross-over instincts", gushes Beasley. " When you discover an artist of this potential , ( and I have only seen 2 others like her in 20 years), you cannot afford to pass her up. #WE cannot afford to miss the opportunity of her genius.She is immensely talented, writing the words, lyrics and even producing her own songs. She is a one-woman musical force of nature."

#WE met Cecily when she hosted " The A-Team" episode with another genius act, Azia Olive, not knowing Cecily was a one woman musical maestro herself.

Cecily will be a performer on the upcoming TV specials and PPV concerts of the #WE movement, including the #GoodTimesPPV comcert.

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