The Voice's JCHOSEN Joins the #WE Global Largest NYE All-Star Celebration TV Broadcast

J Chosen , from NBC's " The Voice" , has joined the #WE Global Largest NYE Tv Event, being broadcast to 900 million as a TV special on this NYE with an all-star cast . JChosen is joined by Grammy stars, Billboard stars, and international celebrities and sports stars across the globe.

Joining JChosen are many YouTube stars, some with tens of millions of viewers. Many Top Billboard artists are joining this all virtual telecast that is being TV telecast to over 900 million people globally and OTT/online distributed to some 4 billion people on the world's largest live-streaming platform(s).

This #WE Largest NYE Tv event is a "#WE Are The World" humanity type celebration that celebrates " you, me, all of us as humanity, the good in humanity and all #WE have overcome through this past year of continued COVID , political division, all the legal proceedings from an attempted coup by a former President, school shootings, war in Ukraine, etc."

It's a celebration of #empowerment, brought to you by the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign. It is a non-political, non-partisan, non-religious celebration celebrating NYE, life, humanity and the positive things around us.

The Women Empowerment Movement is partnering with the FILAM TV Network, the Philippine TV giant from Manila, now also located with a TV station in Las Vegas, who is the originating base broadcaster, in reaching the global Asian market.

FILAM broadcasts even in China, (the only known platform that does broadcast in China), and to 900 million people globally elsewhere throughout the world.

It will also broadcast on ROKU, and many other platforms.

Over 60% of the world's population is Asian.

Only 4% of the world is America. So it only makes sense that if you want to affect the world, you must do it through the Asians, who represent 60% of the global market.

This telecast is multi-genre, from country, to rock, to gospel, to jazz, to pop. This telecast is multi-cultural with international stars from across the globe.

The televised broadcast all-virtual celebration will be broadcast in real time in the time zones so as to sync the TV New Year's Eve countdown with the time zones in its markets.

Emma Jeffreys, from Japan, daughter of entertainment icon, Ian Jeffreys, is an Executive Producer. She is joined by a global Producer staff including Gary Delamothe ( Boardwalk Media; Live Nation; podcast producer, etc); Jesse Moore ( entertainment mgr.); Alise Levine

( Entertainment mgr.); Arlene Abegande( #WE Movement CFO); Dr. Lashon Fredricks

( Administrator of Women Empowerment Movement); Philip Jones ( #WE movement exec; founder of Be Happy Movement); Deena Norn ( #Sheroes mgr.); rapper Seven Crown

(producer); Carl Magno ( CEO of FILAM-TV); Rick Camp ( former production head of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce); Paris Ausborne ( #WE Emcee); Jenee Starr ( #WE News anchor, #WE host); Ammaz Ejaz ( Video Editor/ Graphics);William Scherzer ( I/T);Sheldon Reynolds( former guitarist/ vocalist-Earth, Wind & Fire); Jorina King-Camp ( #WE News anchor); Kim Champion ( The Champion Group), and others, making it a true #WE global initiative.

The event was created by #WE founder-creator, Lowell Beasley/ Stand-Up International.

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