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#WE Adds Ammaz Ejaz to New Hollywood Studios

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

#WE has announced the creation/ formation of New Hollywood Studios, the new Hollywood Studio that does things differently than the old Hollywood Studios.

Firstly, as blacks and minorities are consistently snubbed from award shows and leading roles, the New Hollywood Studio will highlight women and minority movie personnel, directors, actors and storylines, celebrating diversity.

So naturally, it is signing its favored Pakistani editor, Ammaz Ejaz as its favorite in-house editor.

Ammaz Ejaz and New Hollywood producer, Lowell Beasley, formed a special long distance working relationship, and despite never meeting, developed a mutual understanding and inspired each other as they, together, created the first ever empowerment TV special, #We_Together; the 2nd ever #empowerment TV special, #WeR1_ #BleedTheSame dedicated to racial inequality, during the height of the George Floyd riots ( both specials hosted by Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam and Soul Hall of Fame Inductee), and did the #GoodTimes TV Tribute featuring " Good Times" actor, John Amos, based on the iconic 1970's TV series, " Good Times".

Those 3 specials, though under radar, got the right attention of those responsible for putting New Hollywood Studios into existence.

" Ammaz Ejaz just caught on to what I was directing him to do, when nobody else understood, and he delivered quality work. He did not protest when I sent work back asking him to re-do or re-design. His attitude, spirit and work ethic were unparalleled. I was so pleased with the end results and both MTV and HBO gave great reviews of our graphics and editing, so I think if it works, it works. If it is not broke, why fix it? Whatever I have been able to conceive, Ammaz has been able to achieve. I am so happy with him and proud of him. He is a great a human being as he is a graphic designer and video editor, so when we founded New Hollywood Studio, I couldn't think of not adding Ammaz. He is amazing and so young. Only great things ahead for him!", gushes Beasley.

The #WE Movement and New Hollywood Studio both heartily recommend Ammaz Ejaz for your video graphics and editing.

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