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#WE Launches #GoodTimesPPV Concert

The #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, has officially launched its #GoodTimesPPV concert airing on January 30, 2021. The event is officially sanctioned by the iconic 1970's TV series, " GoodTimes" and will be hosted by Carlena Evans, the daughter of " Good Times" creator-writer, Mike Evans, who played " Lionel Jefferson" on " All In The Family".

The PPV is a mixture of snippets, segments and pieces of the TV series, accented by appearances and performances of an all-star list of celebrities and performers.

The un-official captions of the event are " #GoodRiddance2020" and "#GoodTimes2021" as a kick-off reminder after all the negative of 2020 to remember to make " Good Times" of today and tomorrow even in the midst of challenging times. It will be a celebration of the positive and of life.

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