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#WE Presents Largest New Years Eve TV Celebration Globally

#WE, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign is presenting the #WE Global Largest NYE TV Event virtually on Dec.31 globally to all time zones in real time in a Grammy artist filled, celebrity filled, music extravaganza featuring iconic superstars from countries across the world.

#WE is daily adding platforms but already this broadcast is going to 900,000,000 as TV and to 4 billion as online OTT through the world's largest live-streaming platform. Its many participants, artists and stations will all also broadcast on all their social media, websites and platforms. The plans are being made to broadcast on TV alone to 3 billion people globally.

This broadcast is FREE and inclusive and open to all acts, all celebs, all genres and all countries.

Come make history with #WE on NYE.


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