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" Good Times" TV Special Debuts

#WE host, Jenee Starr, and " Good Times" star, John Amos, host this " Good Times" TV Tribute, which debuts this month on the Holyfield TV Network stations, then on over 100 stations nationally. 


Sing A Song; The Sheldon Reynolds Tribute

#WE presents a celebrity TV tribute / fund-raiser honoring Sheldon Reynolds, who has Parkinson's Disease.. Sheldon Reynolds was lead vocal/ lead guitar for 14 years for Earth, Wind & Fire.


#WE News

Jenee Starr and Shradha Sharma  host #WE News, the first national/ global weekly news cast featuring all the social issue news and  empowerment cause news.


" Just Us"; social issue TV series

Selwyn Jones, the uncle of George Floyd, and #WE host, Jenee Starr, host this weekly social issue news magazine series featuring the ongoing status of the hottest social issues like racial inequality,  Standing Rock, etc.

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Heroes Jam

Heroes Jam is a virtual celebrity TV special honoring the COVID frontline medical professionals. Hosted by Jenee Starr, on Memorial Day weekend , 2021.


#WE Vegas

In 2020, #WE produced the first 2 empowerment specials. Now " #WeVegas " will be the first national / global empowerment TV special, coming March 1, 2021,  virtually , from Las Vegas